• Analytics
    Data Analytics:
    Have You Looked at the Big Picture?

    Shipping, inventory and sales data contain a wealth of customer information. We analyze raw data and organize it into sensible product and market trends.

    • Historical Patterns
    • Product Forecasts
    • Seasonal Variations

  • Print
    Print Design:
    How Do You Look on Paper?

    Printed pieces such as catalogs, brochures and mailings are viable in the Internet Age, provided they tell the right story and reach the right people.

    • Business and Consumer Catalogs
    • Marketing Collateral
    • Advertising Campaigns

  • MKT
    Marketing & Branding:
    Need Help Finding Your Voice?

    To us, marketing is research and branding is development. Our job is to identify the ideal customer for each product or service and then make them understand exactly why they need it.

    • Packaging Design
    • Brand and Logo Development
    • Point-of-Purchase Campaigns

  • WEB
    Web Development:
    Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Ready!

    Marketing on the Internet consists of many pieces: web sites, email blasts, newsletters and social media. We deploy each one as part of a consistent whole.

    • Business and Consumer Web Sites
    • Email Newsletters
    • Online Catalogs

Data Analytics

Assessing customer trends from business data.

Print Design

Getting the product’s story into the hands of the target customer.

Marketing & Branding

Focusing attention on a product’s signature features and reaching the target customer.

Web Development

Providing integrated services for web sites, newsletters and social media.

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