STHSWe employ some of the most talented graphic artists working today.

In our business, however, labor is a constant issue. High volume catalogs with lots and lots of SKUs get very little loving—they force a designer to grind away at production work forever, bolding this and inserting that. Oftentimes, graphic artists wind up just typing a lot. This is simply the wrong use of talent.

Our solution?
We automate.

This is where blending works to our favor—programmers work side-by-side with creative personnel to produce gorgeous, impressive marketing materials.

Some jobs are
simply not automatable.

Pages that require custom fitting or custom placement are usually semi-automatable. We automate the formatting and the placement, but the final arrangement is left to the designer.

Other jobs are still
best done by hand.

Brochures, non-repeating flyers, a few sell sheets—anything that’s small and not done frequently. Automation does cost, and it costs more the first time around; the second time through infinity is when savings start to accrue.