RLEZWe use state-of-the-art technology
to produce a variety of effective marketing tools. 

In addition to automating our physical catalog production we offer a broad range of web sites, from small online brochures to large catalog sites that feature an embedded shopping cart. Every site we create is unique, making it a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Visitors want to find their information quickly and order products easily; likewise, clients demand strong tools to manage content accurately and efficiently. We build each site with these issues in mind, using cutting edge methods to streamline productivity for our clients.

For example, we install a web-based word processor for clients who routinely edit their online brochure and update it with news and announcements. A small micro-site may only sell a couple of products with a few supporting pages, so order delivery may occur through encrypted email.

Large manufacturers involve more extensive solutions. Their web sites demand steady attention to account for new products, discontinued items, specification changes and pricing updates. Our clients require easy-to-use tools to keep their data, copy and photography accurate, well organized and up-to-date for their visitors.

When a site is comprised of multiple elements, such as a catalog, a shopping cart and a price list, we offer blended publishing systems that consolidate information into one area for easy management. We can then build press layouts and web pages that update dynamically from one central location—eliminating a large amount of duplicate labor in the process.